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Why you should focus on eCommerce email sales funnels


  • Improve Conversions : A well-performing ecommerce email sales funnel will assist your business with converting more of the traffic that goes into your site. For example, your conversion rate at 2% means that 98 out of 100 visitors are coming in and getting out of your website without doing or buying anything, and they are most likely not to return at all – so a decent email sales funnel can definitely help you avoid that situation.


  • More profit : Obviously, more traffic equals more money, so make sure you can get as many customers to get into your email funnel as possible on the road to a completed transaction.
  • Purchase repeatedly : If you managed to build a huge loyal base of customers who are willing to purchase from your website regularly, you will be on top of the competition. A well thought-out email sales funnel will help you achieve that goal.
email sales funnel
A simple email sales funnel



     Before you starting to create your own highly converting email sales funnels though, there are some few requirements that you may need to understand :

  • The target market : you need to do some investigation on your target customers and get a grasp of what their needs are in relation to your marketed product, so that your funnels can provide their values.
  • Traffic quality standards : your funnels can only generate outgoing traffic results that is relative to the quality of the incoming traffic you put in. Also you need to understand the concept of “temperature” of your traffic, and your sales email funnel must also correspond to the temperature of the traffic you put through them.
  • Your story : telling a emotional and personal origin story, along with having a unique selling proposition (USP) will benefit your sales greatly.

The important aspects of an eCommerce email sales funnel

  • Traffic : Every sales funnels must have traffic, whether it’s cold traffic from a social media ad or a hot traffic from an established email or buyer list. Learn more about what is an ecommerce funnel
  • Value Offer : This is what attracts your potential customers to go into your email list. It can basically be a free offer or one that provide excellent value, or something that customers can take part in with ease.
  • Core Offer : Once your potential customer decides to make a purchase on your website, it’s time to provide them your bread and butter – products and services. It’s also worth noting that you should continue to sell them your core offerings repeatedly to build a base of loyal customers.
  • Upsells : you can always improve a deal with your customer by offering them more complimentary products, or a personal promotion of the product that your customer are interested in. In addition, you can offer a discount if your customer are purchasing multiple products at once to encourage them to increase their total shopping value.
  • Additional factors : Retargeting can be implemented to promote people to go through each stages of the funnel or it can be used to move them between funnels.

Building your email sales funnels

Always plan your strategy carefully and figure out how your email sales funnels will operate within your business, how each funnel works and interacts with each other and with other types of funnel, and how all of them can shape the overall picture. 

ecommerce email sales funnel
How to create an email sales funnel

An important tip would be paying close attention to your competitor’s email sales funnels, and how their elements are performing, like their delivery system, design, offers, upsells, formatting, and especially their funnels, then use the knowledge you gained to start in the right direction. 

Designing your overall plan before you get into execution and implementation will make sure that what you are doing suits your strategy and that your funnels are appropriate for your business.

If you can’t figure it out yourself, consider an example idea of an eCommerce email sales funnel : Lead Magnet. Basically what you’ll want to do is run an ad, pop up or page optin to a lead magnet in exchange for some email address from your potential customers, then guide them into a sales funnel. The crucial part you need to pull of to success from this strategy is that you must guarantee your lead magnet is well studied, optimized and addresses a point that your customers are aware of.