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Hanoi, June 15th, 2016.

CO-WELL Asia is proud to announce that we have officially completed all required procedures for changing our business name from “SETA International Asia” to “CO-WELL Asia”.

As mentioned in our previous announcement, our parent company in Japan changed its commercial name. Therefore, as a subsidiary company, we have also completed all the procedures required for changing ours, and will now officially operate in Vietnam using our new name “CO-WELL Asia”,

CO-WELL Asia is pleased to introduce our new website and fanpage, both of which will come into operation from June 15th, 2016.


CO-WELL introduction video



Company information (until June 2016)

Name: SETA International Asia Limited Liability Company

Address: 3D Center Building, Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

CEO: Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong

Parent company: CO-WELL CO., LTD (Headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan)

New company name: CO-WELL Asia CO.,LTD.

Vietnamese name: Công ty TNHH CO-WELL Châu Á

New company logo:

New website

New fan page

New recruitment website:


SETA International Asia Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as SETA Asia) was previously SETA:CINQ, a subsidiary company fully funded by SETA INTERNATIONAL LLC (headquartered in California, USA). In June 2014, in order to meet increasing demands due to extraordinary development, our leader board in Japan decided to run the company separately as an independent legal entity and become SETA International Japan’s subsidiary company, named SETA International Asia.

Along with the brand name change of the parent company, with the goal of “sharing the same rhythm” – always accompanying and developing with the parent company, SETA Asia International Co., Ltd. also decided to change our name to “CO-WELL Asia Limited Liability Company”.

Effective date: 15/6/2016


Since 2011, we have started providing offshore development services with a development center located in Vietnam. In June 2014, we separated from SETA: CINQ and started working as a Vietnamese legal entity in Hanoi using the name “SETA International Asia”. At SETA International Asia, we always aim to build the most optimal structure to meet the demand for promoting the international market development of Japanese enterprises. We also focus on developing and expanding our size. Besides the development center in Hanoi, we have established another branch in Da Nang. We began our journey in Vietnam with only 03 members, up to now, the number of employees of the company has reached 260 people, proud to be one of the largest IT companies in Hanoi.

In the context of globalization, the needs of customers are increasingly varied and complex. New trends such as IoT, FinTech, AWS, … require businesses to always try their best to keep up with the development of technology. Besides, the sudden increase in IT enterprises makes the already competitive environment become fierce. In order to survive, grow and rise to the top in this new age, every business needs to endeavor to challenge itself to innovate and improve. And to become a business that can grow stronger, attain achievements beyond customer expectations and to challenge ourselves in a new journey, we decided to change our name to ” CO-WELL Co., LTD. “


Over 5 years of operation and development, CO-WELL Asia has built a sustainable and reputable brand in the IT outsourcing segment in the Vietnamese market. In the future, we see ourselves not stopping at outsourcing but will be growing stronger, especially in the areas of IT solution consulting, system integration, etc., and opening new branches to increase international reach. We aim to become a leading company that provides a comprehensive range of high-quality IT services to domestic and foreign customers, and the No. 1 partner to support the sustainable development of our clients.

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