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This April, CO-WELL actively participated in a number of exhibitions – seminars on Virtual Reality – Augmented Reality (VR-AR) in Japan, including Content Tokyo 2018, Seminar: Global Development of xR System.

From April 4, 2018, to April 9, 2018, CO-WELL Group’s team participated in two technology events in Japan with the aim of understanding the technology market trend and promoting, bringing our products closer to users.

CO-WELL booth at Content Tokyo 2018

Content Tokyo 2018

Content Tokyo is an annual exhibition activity, designed to create opportunities for exhibitors to display their products. This year, the exhibition was held at Tokyo Big Sight – the largest international exhibition center in Tokyo, Japan, attracted more than 1500 businesses and 48,000 attendees

This year is the second year CO-WELL attends this big event, attracting nearly 2000 visitors to the booth and giving the opportunity to experience AR-VR-MR products developed by CO-WELL to over 500 guests.


CO-WELL’s experience booth is always “overloaded”


With exhibition products including AR Broadcast, VR Virtual House, MR Maintenance System, visitors coming to CO-WELL booth were able to experience the latest technologies applied in many fields from Education, Real Estate to Mechanical …


CO-WELL welcomes customers at the event


Especially, coming to this year’s Content Tokyo exhibition, CO-WELL was lucky to be accompanied by our two partners: ADT Creative and YourTV. These two companies together with CO-WELL represent the Vietnam XR Community (VxRC) – a community for businesses with the same interest in Virtual Reality in particular and advanced technologies in general.

The combination of 3 companies created fresh, diverse and attractive experiences for the booth, which helped form a long queue waiting to experience our products.

Seminar: Global Development of xR System

Every month, CO-WELL organizes knowledge-sharing seminars with topics related to the most advanced technology for customers and those interested.

Following the heat from the Content Tokyo exhibition, this seminar also focused on Virtual Reality technology and its multi-industry applications. The event not only attracted the attention of long-time customers of CO-WELL but also businesses that visited CO-WELL’s booth in previous Content Tokyo events.


Photos at the seminar

In addition to continuing to promote and develop virtual reality applications and software, CO-WELL also aims to develop faster and more sustainable, to meet the market’s needs of resources and techniques, also to catch up with the most advanced technology trends in the world.

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