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The first 2018 Hackathon was held at CO-WELL, which attracted the participation of 5 teams. In 28 hours, teams had to program a technology product to solve corporate governance problems at CO-WELL.

Hackathon 2018 is a technology competition held within a series of activities to celebrate the 4th anniversary of CO-WELL Asia. The competition is a playground for CO-WELL programmers to demonstrate their expertise, creative thinking, and teamwork skill.

Applicability is an important factor that determines the winning product. Therefore, two topics related to corporate governance were given for teams to choose from.

After 28 hours of intense programming, the contest ended with 5 impressive products and the Champion for CO-WELL Hackathon season 01 was MAXBUG team and the runner-up was SS-AD team.

Hopefully, the ideas from Hackathon will turn into useful products to contribute to the company development as well as the IT industry.

Let’s check out some impressive pictures in this contest!

Teams warming up before entering the competition

The stressful atmosphere of the contest
The jury members are leaders and senior managers of CO-WELL Asia

Teams presenting and defending their products in front of the jury
Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong, General Director of CO-WELL Asia, announced the results of the competition
 SS-AD team – the runner-up of the competition.
Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong awarded the first prize to the Champion Team – MAXBUG
Teams and the board of jury.

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