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During 3 days from October 5th to October 7th, 2016, CO-WELL Asia’s parent company – CO-WELL Japan attended the annual meeting on IT – ITxpo 2016 organized by Gartner.

ITxpo Symposium is one of the largest annual information technology (IT) events aiming at investors, leaders and business managers in the IT sector, organized by Gartner Technology Market Research Company (Gartner, Inc.).

This year’s conference was held for 3 days from October 5th to October 7th, 2016 at PAMIR International Convention Center – Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, Tokyo, Japan. Drive Digital to the Core” was the main theme of the symposium, in which many projects for developing and applying technology, along with examples of successful technology application have been thoroughly analyzed.

A glance at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2016

The main theme of this year’s symposium – Drive Digital to the Core”


This year is the first year that CO-WELL Japan officially attended the ITxpo Symposium. Attending this event, Mr. Yoshida Yuzuru – CO-WELL Japan Leader Board member – gave a presentation on “How to expand IT system in Japan – where the rate of IT Engineers recruitment is 8 times higher.”. With years of experience working for CO-WELL Japan in helping customers to expand their IT department to Vietnam by outsourcing services, Mr. Yoshida Yuzuru’s presentation went close to clients’ needs, proposing feasible solutions for Japanese businesses today, thus received great attention from many representatives of participating businesses.

Mr. Yoshida Yuzuru giving his speech on how to expand the IT systems for Japanese enterprises


Speaking of the ITxpo 2016 Symposium, CO-WELL Japan representatives expressed their gratefulness for having the chance to welcome many CIO and IT Department leaders from companies that were in need for expanding their IT systems, and to exchange their knowledge with other manufacturers and System Integration services providers.

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