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Our belief in a future where everything is connected has driven us to build a proprietary IoT Development Center in Da Nang, where our engineers undertake R&D activities alongside IoT projects.

  • IoT Solutions for special projects
  • Deployment of current IoT Solutions
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CO-WELL Smart GardenHow it works


Automatically collecting data

Light, humidity, temparature, nutrients data

Storing the data

Uploading the data to the Cloud and sharing it with analyzing system

Analyzing the data

Calculating the optimum levels of factors needed

Reporting the results

Reporting the results of analysis on web, app and real-time display.

Adjusting the system

Automatically adjust the amount of light, water…

Managing off-site

Managing the data and controlling the system via Smart phone, Tablet, Website

Managing data

Managing and storing the tree growth via Smart phone, Tablet, Website.

Proudly bring youProudly bring you

Proudly bring youCustomer benefits


  • Creative and experienced engineers


  •  Specialized IoT Center


  •  Product development are strictly following ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard


  •  Japan-quality standard

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