Webium Introduction

Webiumtm is automation test tool for Web application, which is developed in Selenium 2.0 framework by CO-WELL’s team of specialists.

This tool helps users in following the automation test process and finding defects. For this reason, Webiumtm has a part in saving up to 30% man-hour and developing QA/Tester’s quality and productivity.

Webiumtm is now available in Chrome , Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari.

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Test case, Test suite, Test steps

Easily create testsuite, testcase, teststep on Excel according to the templates.

Pre-defined keywords

 Users can choose action-keywords from available defined list without developing new ones.

Compatible with different types of databases

Easily handle with database (MySQL, SQL server...) and .xml, .csv files.

Compatible with different types of browsers

Supported browers: Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari…

High efficiency

User-friendly, export the exact results, save time and cost for projects

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