AR-VR ApplicationIntroduction

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two of the most leading-edge technologies nowadays, and they are hoped to change the trajectory of every market field.

To meet the needs of differentiation in Vietnam market, CO-WELL has recently taken a lot of research on these two, and our products have gained a reputation for quality which can meet the requirements from different businesses.



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What areVirtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

Virtual Reality - VR

Virtual Reality - VR

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses Virtual reality headsets to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. Virtual Reality is changing the entertainment business by its ability in creating a separate environment and allowing users with lifelike experience. There are whole host of uses for Virtual Reality (VR), besides its obvious application in Games or 3D Movies such as: Healthcare, Marketing, Travel, Education-Training, Design…

Augmented Reality - AR

Augmented Reality - AR

Augmented reality (AR) is the technology which helps to add a layer of computer-generated elements on the real-world environment, thus enhancing the things that we see, hear, and feel. With the help of advanced AR technology, the information in the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable.

ExperienceAR-VR Products

Tiger Wall VR

Dragon Hunter VR

Broadcast AR
Kingdom of Animals AR

Mobile AR
3D Animal Book AR

Machine Training VR

Virtual House VR

Game VR Tiger Wall

  • Description: Tiger Wall is a sports game on VR platform which simulates the wall-climbing movements and gives players lots of thrills and spills during the game. This game is one of Tiger Beer’s campaign series in summer 2017.


  • Target: Tiger Beer’s customers, especially ones who are willing to accept new challenges.


  • How to play: Player wears a VR headset and touches the logo to start the game. By using 2 controllers and making climbing gestures, the player will climb to the top of the building. During the game, the player can touch game logos along the climbing road to get more points. There will be a big surprise for the winner when he/she reaches the top.


  • Duration:  90 seconds/turn. This default setting can be modified depending on requirements.


  • Technologies used: Unity3D, HTC Vive, SteamVR, C#, 3DS Max


  • Development time: 1 month


  • Man-hour:  5 man-months.


  • Development team: 1 PM, 3 developers, 1 designer
Game VR Tiger Wall

Game VR Dragon Hunter

  • Description: Dragon Hunter – the first VR game that CO-WELL developed – was officially released at Google Day Z 2016 in Hanoi and the game received a warm response of those in attendance. The Xmas version was deployed in Christmas Event at AEON Mall Long Bien, which attracted thousands of people.


  • Targets: All age groups especially teenagers and young adults (15 to 30) and except children under 6.


  • How to play: Player wears VR headset during the game and uses 2 controllers to imitate the shooting gestures. After shooting at “dragon egg”, the game starts. Within the given time, player tries to shoot dragons and get points as many as possible. Dragon Hunter has a set of spaces for player to choose, from sunny beaches to snowy villages.
  • Duration: 60 seconds/turn. This default time can be modified depend on requirements.


  • Technologies used: Unity3D, HTC Vive, SteamVR, C#, 3DS Max, Blender
  • Development time: 1.5 months
  • Man-hour: 9 man-months
  • Development team: 1 PM, 4 developers, 1 designer 
Game VR Dragon Hunter

Broadcast ARKingdom of Animals


  • Description: AR Broadcast is a practical application in media, entertainment and education. By using beautiful and dynamic 3D design images, the AR Show – “Kingdom of Animals” brings the whole jungle and creates unique experiences for viewers.


  • Technologies used: Unity3D, ARToolkit, C#, 3DS Max


  • Development time: 1 month


  • Man-hour: 6 man-months


  • Development team: 1 PM, 2 developers, 1 designer
Broadcast AR Kingdom of Animals

Mobile AR3D Animal Book


  • Description: This application allows users to turn markers on the paper into animated 3D images of animals and sounds of those animals’ names pronounced in English. This is a promising application especially in education.
  • Technologies used: Unity3D, Vuforia C#, ARToolkit, 3DS Max
Mobile AR 3D Animal Book

VR ToolsVirtual welding machine

  • Description: The application allows users to learn and practice a number of technical devices in a virtual environment, which helps to save money and improve the process of vocational training.
  • Technologies used: Unity3D, HTC Vive, SteamVR, C#, 3DS Max, Blender
VR Tools Virtual welding machine

VR ToolVirtual House

  • Description: By using this application, the real estate business and design – construction work becomes easier when the user can visit the sample house without going to the site, or evaluate and change the design even before the construction is completed.
  • Technology used: Unity3D, HTC Vive, SteamVR, C #, 3DS Max, Blender
VR Tool Virtual House

Until now, CO-WELL has been successfully adapting VR/AR technology in many projects for big domestic and international companies/enterprises; for instance: VR Experience Campaign in 2016 Christmas Eve in AEON Mall Long Bien, VR application for Heineken Asia Pacific, etc.

Catching up with the wide spread of AR-VR application, CO-WELL proudly provides you with the best services and solutions that ensure the brand promotion as well as media coverage for businesses from different fields.

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