Case StudyProduction & Distribution

Japan's Component manufacturer company

Japan'sComponent manufacturer company

The large amount of components and equipments need an effective management method.

– Barcode scanner software which can efficiently process data, manage goods and warehouses.

– Having ability to handle with QR Code, Barcode, RFID… the software allows flexible management for all goods, components and equipments.

Vietnam's Medical equipment company

Vietnam'sMedical equipment company

Difficulties in controlling the sterilization process of medical equipments due to an overload of patients.

– Build and develop a software program that controls the sterilization status of any medical equipment by a bar code scanner.

– Manage the equipment inventory, calculate the available time of equipment for subsequent use as well as warn about the depreciation of the equipment.

Japan's 100-year-old stationary company

Japan's100-year-old stationary company

The variety of products and the same producing stages make it difficult to exactly calculate the man-hour of each worker and price the products.

Build and develop a time recorder system for workers. The system consists of two components:

  1. Front-end: Designed for Android tablets, this component provides full control over the work time and man-hour on each production line.
  2. Back-end: The component integrating the information of production and information of workers, then combining information of man-hour to export reports and statistical results of production.

The system was built within 3 months and it helped our client manage the man-hour as expected.