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On July 30th , CO – WELL Asia successfully raised a tremendous atmosphere at Innovative Frontier Summit 2017 with approximately 130 people out ofover 300 attendees visited CO-WELL’s booth signed up for experiencing Virtual Reality. 

This event was the first time our guesses could experience AR – VR at CO –WELL booth, interacting with a simulated environment via specific tools.

CO-WELL welcomed hundreds to visit and experience AR-VR technology.


Coming to Innovatube Frontier Summit, we brought 02 VR games including Wall Climbing Games and Dragon Hunting Games, in which players can choose the characters that they like and enjoy each game in different ways. Our visitors seemed to be living in the game that they could not hide the excitement after each game experience.  It was their excitement that brought a lively atmosphere at our booth and attracted more people coming for a play.


Players “living” the game.


Wall Climbing game was an exclusive product made for Tiger Beer’s branding campaign named “Awaken Inner Courage”. This game simulates the real wall’s height and the actual movements of 2 arms while you are climbing. Interestingly, players can experience a tremendous feeling looking around while hanging on top of the 30-meter-high wall.

Dragon Hunting game is another CO –WELL product which was previously presented at Google X-day 2016 event and at AEON Mall Long Bien. Dragon Hunting attracts people by giving them exciting experience such as: holding a bow, shooting arrows, etc. in a simulated environment. 70% of the event visitors chose Dragon Hunting as the first game to experience, which attracted them right from the beginning and led them to experience other games as well.


Dragon Hunting was our visitors’ favorite.


At Innovatube Frontier 2017, CO-WELL Asia also had the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with more than 500 industry experts, technology lovers in the field of AR-VR. Speaker Bui Thanh Do – CO-WELL Asia’s Product Development Director gave his speech in both morning and afternoon sessions with diverse topics, focusing on AR-VR applications in practice and business.


Bui Thanh Do – CO-WELL Asia’s Product Development Director speaking at Innovatube Frontier Summit 2017.  
Reporters from Vietnam Television (VTV) reporting about CO-WELL’s products.


In the future, AR-VR continues to be one of CO-WELL Asia’s major development directions. We are always willing to find and cooperate with talented and passionate people who love to explore technology to share knowledge and develop this interesting technology in Vietnam.