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Top 5 Largest global brewers

Top 5Largest global brewers

Renew Tigerwall  event towards the most updated technology

– Applying VR technology to simulate wall climbing gestures.

– Solving the cost problem of building the real wall, setting insurance equipments and eliminating safety risks for attendees.

Vietnam's Well-known marketing agency

Vietnam'sWell-known marketing agency

Product differentiation in IT-enabled product launching event.

– The AR Broadcast application brings attendees into the space of prehistoric – present – future.

Japan's Car Distributors

Japan'sCar Distributors

Promoting the business and improving the management of car retails agencies.

– Developing an application on ipad for car-retail staffs.

– The application provides all information about goods and functions: quotation, inventory information…

– The system can extract revenue reports of all employees at any time.

– Application build time: 1.5 months

– The app was released with ensured quality and process, according to Japanese standard, which helps to cut down the cost by 50 percent.

Vietnam's No.1 Television Advertising Company

Vietnam'sNo.1 Television Advertising Company

The needs of customer management, classification and care for business; as well as continuously update the latest quotation, programs and advertising positions for customers.

The need for flexibility both in terms of approaching methods and content due to the constant change of television channels makes phone and website application become the optimal solutions that CO-WELL gave for customer.

Public App for consumers on App store and Google Play allows continuous update and real-time display of the latest TV ads information and quotations. Built on IOS and AOS platforms, the application includes both user interface design and information management system.

 Web-based customer information management application allows users to access information about service usage including programs, time, frequency, budget…  Based on those information, the company can send promotion or new product offers which are closely tailored to customer needs.