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Top 5 Largest global brewers

Top 5Largest global brewers

– Bringing participants a unique experience has always been a top priority of the customer’s annual branding campaign.

– High-tech experience using VR technology was chosen for their 2017 campaign to diversify the experiences brought to participants.

A sports game using VR technology was developed, where players can experience wall climbing like never before. This game attracted a great deal of attention and brought multiple benefits, namely:

– Reaching a maximum number of customers at the point of sale without building an expensive real model

– Bring a high-tech image to the brand identity

Vietnam's PR & Marketing agency

Vietnam'sPR & Marketing agency

– Products launching events have always been done in the same way that gradually makes them boring – The customer was seeking a distinctive touch for their upcoming event to bring an extraordinary experience for the guests.

Broadcast AR technology with appealing 3D graphics was chosen for the event. Time traveling was the main theme of the event, and Broadcast AR did a great job in bringing the guests exclusive experiences in the Ancient time – the Present and the Future.

Leading Japanese Shopping Mall

Leading Japanese Shopping Mall

The customer wanted to build a modern shopping center image that has diverse activities for visitors. Therefore, a high-tech experience would be a new exciting touch enhancing the desired image, at the same time attracting more visitors, especially kids and young people.

CO-WELL installed 2 large screens at the shopping center, using AR technology to bring green forests and wild animals to the urban life, making it easy for children to interact and play with them without having to go to the zoo.

Real Estate Corporation

Real Estate Corporation

CO-WELL’s customer wanted to:

  • Give homebuyers real experience of the surrounding area of the new apartment building.
  • Apply advanced technology to increase customer experience before deciding to buy a house.
  • Revised & optimized customer’s existing 3D design & 360-degree video to create virtual scenes of the area around the apartment building.
  • Applied VR technology allowing users to move around and observe the whole Ecohome apartment building.