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CO-WELL Asia has more than 100 engineers with a wide range of experience in Magento Development and Integration. They are confident in the delivery of diverse types of Magento development services.

• Magento 2 Implementation & Migration
• Extension Development
• Functionality Enhancement & Customization
• E-Commerce Website Design
• E-Commerce Website Development
• Magento Performance Optimization
• Magento Mobile App Development

We offer infrastructure configurations based on Microsoft Azure Cloud, saving you money, improving security and providing easy scalability.

OptimizeCustomer Benefits

  • Optimized website and management systems
  • Implementation by experienced engineers
  • Trusted quality
  • Expertise in system modernization and improvement
  • Time and cost savings

Magento E-Commerce Case Studies

Japan's Biggest Retail Company

General information:

Customer E-Commerce Systems were migrated to a new platform, increasing adaptability and facilitating the integration of new functions and extensions. Customer revenue has been increased by saving time for the customer and optimizing the purchase process.


  • Customer demands

Known as the biggest retail company in Japan with more than 260 shops throughout the country, this organization has an E-Commerce system that has to deal with an enormous number of daily transactions. Any system failures or points of inconvenience in the purchasing or payment process can lead to tremendous revenue loss.

CO-WELL Asia replaced the old system which was in use for over a decade. The legacy system was not built on an E-Commerce platform, which caused challenges in keeping up with market developments. The implementation delivered a vastly improved user experience, reduced purchasing time and an optimized E-Commerce system.

  • Our solutions:

Helping customers to understand the benefits of migrating to a new and unfamiliar platform which will better support their E-Commerce functions is the first step in our process.

We migrated all systems to Magento while keeping functionality for the customer almost unchanged. We integrated a customer-specific payment gateway into the system, which is not natively supported by Magento. We also helped to streamline some Magento functions that did not match the customer system logic in order to improve performance and improve end-user experiences.



Japanese Car Manufacture Company

General information:

We have brought a modern end-user purchase experience right to the website by integrating panoramic and 360-degree pictures. CO-WELL Asia incorporated this redesign with a brand refresh giving the customer a modern identity.


  • Customer demands:

As one of the most famous car brands in Japan, our customer was running a website that didn’t provide an ideal experience for the end-user. The end-user was transferred to another site to experience the more modern attributes of the process.

Our team of skilled engineers gained a deep understanding of both Magento and their business to improve end-user experience as well as to introduce new interactions with Magento.

  • Our solutions:

We were tasked to move all data to Magento without changing the interface or design of the E-Commerce website. The structural differences required us to customize the Magento platform to fit the customer HTML.

Payment flow complexity was an additional challenge. The services offered to customers included rental services and installment, alongside regular sales, requiring further Magneto customization.

The successful migration also improved the end-user experience and offers 360° outside views and panoramic views inside the product. CO-WELL Asia integrated this redesign with a brand refresh, showcasing a modern identity for the customer.



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