Google Tag Manager has been known as an amazing tool to help website owners acquire comprehensive data for customer analysis. Unfortunately, Google Tag Manager can not collect Ecommerce-related data from Magento websites, making it difficult for website owners to know more about their customers. With Google Tag Manager Tracking, the problem will be solved easily. By integrating Google Tag Manager to your website, our extension empowers you to get detailed and accurate information from customers’ behaviors through Universal Analytics Enhanced eCommerce features. The extension makes it possible to use advanced events in order to discover the most loved products, shopping habits, customer journey and many more

Google Tag Manager functions most effectively when deployed alongside a data layer, an object that contains all of the information that you want to pass to Google Tag Manager. Besides allowing your website to use 100% tracking events that are available in Google Tag Manager, our extension use the data layer to measure the following enhanced Ecommerce activities: 

  • Product Impressions: the number of times users view a product on the website (category page, search results page…)
  • Product Clicks: the number of times users click on a product’s link to view a detailed product page
  • Product Detail Impressions: the number of times users view a product on its detailed product page
  • Add / Remove from Cart: When users click “add to cart” or “remove from cart”, we can track what it is, the number of items added or removed 
  • Checkout: the number of users that perform particular actions in the checkout process
  • Purchases: when users complete the checkout and payment verification steps, we can get the information of their purchases, such as: order ID, total order price, products in the order,…

You will need a separate Google Tag Manager account to use this extension. Please sign up here.  Additional fees incurred will be based on the policies of Google. 

Why should you choose Google Tag Manager Tracking

Deliver data of popular products and shopping process

Provide valuable insights of your customers

Helpful in developing attractive promotional programs

Easy to use

Magento E-Commerce Case Studies

E-Commerce Solutions Company

The current E-Commerce platform of customer has several drawbacks. Besides helping them change to Magento platform, we also brought UI-UX to a new level and added systems for more effective website management.


Toys Manufacturer

We changed the current E-commerce platform to Magento and also updated advanced features that can solve completely the issues customer are facing. The new website has been more easier for data management and customer management.


Japan's Biggest Retail Company

Customer E-Commerce Systems were migrated to a new platform, increasing adaptability and facilitating the integration of new functions and extensions. Customer revenue has been increased by saving time for the customer and optimizing the purchase process.



Japanese Car Manufacture Company

We have brought a modern end-user purchase experience right to the website by integrating panoramic and 360-degree pictures. CO-WELL Asia incorporated this redesign with a brand refresh giving the customer a modern identity.


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